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Dark Magic Enchanted Dance

The Goddess Of Dark Magic Enchanted Dance

Im after your soul, darling. Dont worry about your money, you wont need that…Goddesses of the Dark Magic have been performing The Dance Of The Night to trap and devour the souls of men for centuries… It is a powerful as the intoxicating voice of the sirens which would steer the sailors off course in the night never to be seen again!

This dance is a powerful Dark Magic spell which makes any man become its victim… The Dark Goddess then uses her Soul Dagger to slice into her male victim – since the soul dagger can pierce to the soul she is then able to consume his soul.

Watch now as you become entranced by the dark magic of this ultra feminine Dance Of The night… you will be her next victim

*poppers, booze and edging is suggested when watching this clip*

6 minutes long / $15 /



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August 2017
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