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    Hello, slave! My enchanting ways are very hot and powerful - everything you see here is real and it works!

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The lower self dimension

Using the laws of the universe in extreme mind fuck to grab you out of this reality and drag you down to your lowest self…

I take you into 4 or 5 different dimensions within yourself and awaken your brand new addiction for this kind if mental wizardry. My hot body and pretty face are so sedating that this clip needs to be watch once with the video and again without the video and only the audio as this is too much magical mind fuck for your puny mind to comprehend while staring at those unfair curvy visuals.

You will be struck by my deep knowledge and ability to shift you through parallel realities and expose you to your other existences… Once we hit your lower self I start to laugh because I know this is real and without ME, you cant shift back into who you were before you watched this clip… You become stranded in your lowest reality

If you like your mind being fucked with then this clip is a must!! *oh yeah, bring your poppers*

15 minutes long / $17.99 /



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