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    Hello, slave! My enchanting ways are very hot and powerful - everything you see here is real and it works!

    Step 1: Become indoctrinated. Listen to "The First Spell" to start it all.

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Trojan Horse Mind Magic

Total Mind control magic – I start out using my girlish Princess charm against you… appealing to your sexual and submissive interests.
Teasing with my big boobs and all my other sexy feminine assets

But as the clip goes along, slowly more and more mind fuck, brainwashing & hypnosis is implemented in the clip which start to control your mind! The Trojan horse is how this clip starts out sexy and seductive but before you know it, my wicked mind controlling attack has happened and your mind has become weakened and taken over by my hotness… I use my Goddess voice and body to disarm you and then BAM – totally dominate, control and bewitch your mind with My Magic!

watch now to have your mind controlled and fall victim to a spell which will own your mind forever… Watch how easy it is to use you by lowering your defenses with my trojan horse sexy plan and then use sorcery to mind fuck you for ever!

20 minutes long / $45 / video version Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com


20 minutes long / $25 / mp3 version


Be sure to watch “The first spell” video first http://putaspellonme.com/the-first-spell/


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