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Evening Meditation

have your mind whisked away with this amazing and powerful audio that will quiet your mind and bring you into total comfort and Zen… Careful though, as I lead you to sleepiness and feeling total relaxation, you are left vulnerable to any of my mind magic.

I take all your anxiety away and help you relax and sleep… using my beautiful voice and even give you count downs and visuals to slip away with but, theres one small caveat – you may find yourself becoming addicted to this mp3, to me and become my slave even in your dreams!!!

*this works* It will put you in bliss mode and may even make you fall a sleep… there are moments of guidance, moments of soothing and even a slow quiet time when a looping magical phrase is repeated while you drift deeper and deeper.

listen while in bed while going to sleep

21 minutes long / mp3 / $35 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

Fetishes: meditation, addiction to Mindy, subliminal brainwashing, hypnosis techniques, relaxation, mental play, stops anxiety, 

Product Category: Addiction Spells, Hypnosis

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