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Touring the lower dimensions

Touring the lower dimensions mp3 (21 minutes long)

A skilled and deviant journey through the lower self dimensions… visit your low inner you through a crafted and enchanted dialogue which sucks you right out of your thinking state and renders you totally at the mercy of my magical powers – which is used to use your own perversions, weaknesses and thoughts against yourself..
Dimension 1: you will be taken to the dimension of self loathing
Dimension 2: Then to the dimension of Goddess addiction
Dimension 3: the last 10 minutes will be spent in the pleasurable most deviant dimensions of DECEIT and lies… Sooo many lies and deceptions are whispered in your ear and eventually you cant tell the difference between real and fake…
THIS IS BEST LISTENED TO WITHOUT A VIDEO… allow my magic to grab you fully while listening in a dark room with no lights…
Trust Me… magic awaits… a mental journey which will bind you to the vibratory frequency you cannot resist
Come on, play a little in the dark side 😉

21 minutes long / $39.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

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