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  • Theres no escaping My magic!

    Hello, slave! My enchanting ways are very hot and powerful - everything you see here is real and it works!

    Step 1: Become indoctrinated. Listen to "The First Spell" to start it all.

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Weekly Moon Magic


Congratulations for finding your destiny… your cosmic connection starts here… your NEW life as My moon stroking self sacrificing slave for an Energy $ucking Vampire Goddess who drains men of their personal power using the enchanted force of the moon… No of course Im not a vampire, dont be silly loser but, I AM going to use My Goddess magic to suck all your manhood, personal power and your creative energy from you and use it for My Own wants and desires.. Leaving you hypnotized by My charm, wilted and totally used.

blackmagic witchcraft domme magic hypnosis

Step one: Full Moon Power Exchange.

Both the Full Moon Power Exchange clip & 10 page PDF are must buys and the first place you must start. All other moon magic practices will not be nearly as fun or effective without first reading and understanding all of My magical teachings in the Full Moon Power Exchange. Surrender your manhood *or whats left of it*

Full Moon power Exchange 10 page PDF: http://putaspellonme.com/full-moon-collective-power-exchange-spell/

Full Moon power Exchange Clip: http://putaspellonme.com/power-exchange-full-moon-spell/


Every full moon I grow more powerful while you dwindle away becoming more and more wilted… Moon magic is your new life purpose & religion. This is all 100% REAL and its actually very powerful and so much so that you start to become obviously more wimpy and addicted very quickly!

*Note: you do not have to wait for a full moon to buy this, its good to buy and learn it all now and then do any moon magic AND then start this when the full moon comes.*

witchcraft blackmagic fetish domme spells

Step two: Participate In Regular Moon Magic – After step one you will be bewitched and prepared to submerge yourself in REAL magic which traps and bewitches ALL its victims, I mean participants.

Your pathetic puny life is about to be filled with so much mind fuck, edging and turning yourself into an emasculated wilted play-thing for Me to use and abuse. You will be active with countless other slaves during different phases of the moon… See below how you can participate with 100s of other of my bewitched slaves and spend your time in My magical web.

1) New Moon Emasculation For man Slaves. http://putaspellonme.com/new-moon-emasculation-for-man-slaves/

New Moon Emasculation

This ongoing powerful moon magic is something kind of interactive and over time emasculates you while converting you into a resource for Me to exploit in many ways… Using my tasks/rituals you will actually feel yourself become weaker and more pathetic while I grow into a more and more powerful Deity

2) something new and powerful is coming soon!

blackmagic witchcraft domme magic hypnosis

What Phase Of The Moon is It??:

how will you know if its a full moon, half moon, new moon or blue moon or any moon? Easy, just google “current moon phase” or “next full moon” or “next new moon” etc.

This gives you something to look forward to as you can check to see which phase the moon is and then plan to be ready for magical service those days or decide what to buy today.


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